Jewellery Care

Our jewellery is made from 316-316L stainless steel and is plated in real 14-18 karat gold. Our jewellery is handcrafted by skilled individuals and is designed to last between 1-3 years. How long your jewellery last depends on how often you wear it and how well you take care of it. Our jewellery can last over 3 years if taken care of appropriately. But please note that the gold plating may gradually wear down over time and it is completely normal. Many things like sweat, lotion, perfumes etc can affect the plating over time. 


  • Always store jewellery away from direct sunlight to protect it from any potential sun damage.
  • It's always best to keep your jewellery in a airtight box.
  • Try and avoid direct contact with perfume, lotion or sanitisers this will help keep it's beauty.
  • Wipe jewellery with a clean soft cloth after use to keep it nice and shiny.

The easiest and most affordable way to clean your jewellery is to rinse in warm soapy water and use a clean soft cloth, cotton pad or makeup pad to wipe off any stains. Once clean polish using any soft cloth then place in a cool dry area.

*We do not recommend cleaning jewellery with any harsh chemicals or toothpaste as it may be damaging and can potentially ruin the gold plating of your item.